Wine Cork Pumpkins DIY

Wine Cork Pumpkins

Completion Time: 1-2 Hours depending on drying times

Materials Needed:

  • Wine Corks of the same size – depending on the size of the pumpkins you are doing, it will determine how many corks in total are needed. For my pumpkins, one of the pumpkins needed 25 corks and the other needed 38 for a grand total of 63 wine corks.
  • Green Felt – My local craft store sells it in sheets that are 2’x2′. I was able to use just one sheet for doing 2 pumpkins.
  • Orange Paint – for this project I bought “Pumpkin Orange”, which  was definitely an easy find this time of the year
  • Twine – you don’t need much, just a small piece

Tools Needed

imgresHot Glue Gun
imagesPaint brush

How To:

1. The first thing you do is determine the layout for the corks based on the size you are going to want them to be.
For my larger pumpkin I did the rows in the following order:

  1. 4 Corks
  2. 5 Corks
  3. 6 Corks
  4. 7 Corks
  5. 6 Corks
  6. 5 Corks
  7. 4 Corks

For the smaller pumpkin, I did the same order however only going to maximum 6 corks. The rows were in this order:

  1. 4 Corks
  2. 5 Corks
  3. 6 Corks
  4. 5 Corks
  5. 4 Corks

2. Now that you have determined your layout you are going to start building your first pumpkin. Hot glue gun the corks together row by row. 

3. When you have finished glueing the rows, you will use the last cork to make the stem on the top.

3. Once the glue has dried, paint the front of the corks orange.

4. While the paint is drying, you are going to make the leaves. First draw the leaf on the felt, and use it as the template for cutting. When you have all your leaves cut, and the paint has dried you are going to hot glue the leaves to the pumpkin near the stem.

5. Last step is to take the twine and hot glue it to make them look like vines over the leaves.

You are now done this fun fall DIY craft!


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– Michelle