DIY Pallet Wood Shed for Nothing!


DIY Pallet Wood Shed

Building a Wood Shed out of pallets is a inexpensive DIY project, but does take a fair amount of time. The disassembly of the pallets is the most time consuming part, but it is worth the extra time. Why you may ask? Well. this project didn’t cost me anything in materials. You can find companies tossing pallets all over the place, it just means a scavenger hunt. The only thing you would really need to purchase would be screws if you do not already have any and shingles if you can’t find any for free. The shingles I used, I got from going to a person’s house in my neighborhood where they were getting their roof redone. The guys doing the work saved some of the shingles they were taking off and let me have them.

Tools Needed
54925d4f86df17dc1e4b17e6777bc986Circular Saw
imgres-2Drill & Screw Bit
images-2Measuring Tape
imgres-1Safety Glasses

The How To:

1. First of all, you are going to need to go on that scavenger hunt looking for the pallets that will work for this project. I made sure that I made sure that I found 2 identical strong pallets for the base because all your weight will be on those. Also you want to find pallets which had 2×4’s for the main legs that were 69″ in length because these 2×4’s are needed for the main walls of the shed. (See the image in Step 4 for good pallets for the base)

2. Once you have found the pallets, it’s time to take them apart. There are tools out there that were made specifically for this job (its essential a pry bar) . I still use a good old hammer though, saves me the money of having to buy this tool until I find i’m going to use it often enough. However, if you do want to purchase one it it is about $100.00 plus shipping.  Keep in mind that as a result of using the hammer instead you will break some of the weaker boards that are nailed really well, sadly its just unavoidable.

3. Level out where you are going to put your Wood Shed therefore ensuring a good firm base.

4. Once you have your area leveled out attach your 2 base pallets with a Piece of 2×4 and lay it out in place.20160928_154214_resized_1

3. Build up your 6 Support Wall Studs. Three in the back of the shed and three in the front.


4. Make the start to your roof Using 2×4’s in between the studs, as well as the the frame on one side for the Kindling Shelf.


5. Next you want to attach the Roof slats, kindling shelf slates, and the face trim around the rood

6. Use 2×4’s as Diagonal supports between the studs. As a result you will notice a huge difference in strength of the shed after doing this.


7. Finally its time to Use the slats up the walls.


8. I recommend looking for shingles to use or spending the approx $15.00 and buy a bundle of them because they will make it that much more water resistant.


Finally, there you have it! You’re all done but most of all, it probably didn’t cost you anything or so very little.