EnduroShield Protective Glass Treatment


EnduroShield – Protective Glass Treatment

 Hi Everyone

For those in Canada like myself, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

Besides the usual hours upon hours of cleaning before the Family came over, I had a very productive weekend. I had lots to do in my bathroom, like having to re-caulk my bathtub. I decided to try out the new product also since they both had to cure for a few hours.

Where I work, we deal with Kitchens, Bathrooms and flooring, and there is always something new out in the market. The sales representative for company that does this particular product gave me a sample of it to try. This way, I could give feedback on it to him and would be able to talk with customers about it. Well, so far I am pretty impressed.

I was pretty curious about this product to begin because my doors are 7 years old and they have all the “etching” that is absolutely impossible to get off… or so I thought. This product is meant for both new and used glass and gives instructions on cleaning for both. Its a protective coating for the glass that makes cleaning _easier and take less time_ as everything sits on top of the coating with a 3 year guarantee. Note: it does not make it so you do not have to clean like some seem to believe.

It’s the EnduroShield Glass Treatment. This glass protector concept is now coming out pre-done on a few of the prefabricated doors, and you can request it with alot of Custom Shower door companies. However, for hose with older doors like myself or for those who purchase doors without it, it’s still an option with an affordable price. You’re looking at $30-$40 CAD

Click here to get the full read up on the product right from EnduroShield’s website!

The package contains:




– Instuctions
– Step 1: Cleaning Spray Bottle
– Fine Steel Wool
– Step 2: Protectant Spray Bottle
– Applicator Cloth




Extras you will want to have:
image_19670Rubber Gloves
imgres-1Safety Glasses (you never know)
shoptowelPro Shop towels or a Soft Cloth (microfiber)

I usually spend a large amount of time trying to clean these doors on a normal basis to no avail. Typically the spots (etching) would never leave they would just fade… slightly. Well the total time it took me to clean and apply this product was 40 mins. I would give you a before and after photo to show the difference however it was absolutely impossible to take a photo showing the spotting. There was too much in the background.

Here is the how to: 

Step 1 – Time to clean the doors! Do not forget to wear your protective gloves!

Clean the doors in smaller sections, I did it in an area of about 4 square feet. You want to liberally spray on the cleaning solution, making sure to have all the glass in the section you are working on covered. Never use steel wool on dry glass. In a circular motion, start using the steel wool to scrub the doors (you don’t need to press hard) You should already see it working its magic, the white of the calcium build up is starting to smear away. Apply more cleaner if you need. Once that section is clean, use a paper towel to wipe it up, then move on to the next section


Step 2 – Once you have dont all sections of the door, which I am sure you are going to think already look absolutely amazing, you will want to go over them again just to make sure you got everything off. After you apply the protective coating, whatever you missed will stay there

Step 3 – When your doors are clean give them a good wipe again with the paper towels to get rid of any streaks

Step 4 – Time to Apply the Protective Coating

Take out the application cloth from its packaging and grab the spray bottle. In the same coverage area you are going to spray liberally making sure to cover the whole section with the Protector. Use the applicator cloth to rub it in back and forth and then up and down. Once its rubbed on move on to the next section and overlap some of the area you just did with the same method.

Step 5 – Once you have done all the glass, take a soft cloth – Microfiberbre or Shop Towel to get rid of any streaks.

Step 6 – You have now applied the treatment and your doors should look brand new. Now, just make sure it has 8 hours to cure before any soaps and such touch it.

It has now been a few days since I have had the coating on and many showers have been had. You already know that I am giving it great praise with the cleaning part and the ease of install, but here is my after installation feedback….

I must say that I am still very impressed with the EnduroShield Protective Glass Treatment.

My daughter had an incredibly hot shower the one day and the top fogged up into an almost white colour, which justt disappeared after she was done. Almost everything was just rolling right off the doors, and the few water spots that remained and dried after the few days of use wiped away with a swipe from my Shop Towel. I still recommend using a Squeegee on the doors after use to really keep it clean. However, I know making sure this always happens is an impossible task, especially with young children

All in all, I find it to be a great product, easy to use and affordable!

– Michelle

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