Refinished Bedside Table

Hey all,

Here is another one of my fun curbside finds that I grabbed to refinish. This one though was a lot simpler then the cabinet we found in October. It was again in great condition and just needed a face lift to truly fit into our style.

I was thinking about chalk painting the whole thing and then just using bronze knobs to accent. However, I decided to go my usual route and stain the top instead. This of course added a bit more work but the end result is definitely worth it. This way the knobs and the top actually match.

Materials Needed




Sandpaper, 80, 120, 220


Tools Needed



The Step-By-Step


I started with giving the whole stand a really good cleaning to make sure nothing was on it that could effect the paint or stain finish.

Once that was done, it was time to work on the only time consuming part, sanding the coating off the top. This cabinet has a wood veneer, so essentially a very thin coating of real wood with a gloss finish over it. I used 80 grit sandpaper just to make sure that the gloss coating was off. The hardest part was sanding the routered edges. For this I had to sand by hand. Once the gloss was off, I went up to 120 grit sandpaper then 220 to finish.

I decided to paint the cabinet first, especially since I was using a caulk paint spray paint. (This way I didn't accidentally get the  stained top with any paint) It took 2 coats of doing this, but turned out already looking like a whole new stand.

Once the paint was fully dry I started staining the top using the MiniWax Dark Walnut stain I have. After letting that sit overnight to dry I added my polyurethane top coating. For the polyurethane, I did 2 coats of it with using 220 grit sandpaper after each coat was dry.

Time for the finishing touch!!! New knobs. They are actually my go to for these projects, they look great and have a fantastic price point. They are a Richelieu Square knob in Oil Rubbed Bronze.