Quick Closet Shelves


Hey All,  this is going to be a pretty short post, as the how to is pretty simple for this project. In all, it took about an hour to do this update to my closet. Like the title says, Quick Closet Shelves.

See, we have more limited storage space in our house. There are small closets, and only the ones in the bedroom and a small one by the back door. With that being said, we have always kept all of our clothes folded and in dressers, the closet was just for sweaters and my dresses. The issue was always managing to make all of the clothes fit into the dresser drawers, and when looking for something, having to really dig through to find it. As you all know, digging through a drawer ends up causing you to have to refold at least a few things. This caused a chain effect of "why bother putting the clothes away when they will get messed up and be difficult to find" which lead to piles of clothes on the dresser or still in the hamper unfolded.

I finally had enough and took off to Home Depot one morning, mid-folding. I took measurements of my closet, decided how many shelves I wanted and that was it. This project came to just over $40.00 CAD and so far has been amazing for such a small change. Even my husband is doing some of the folding.


Make sure you read through the instructions and look over the plans fully before you start your project. Check out the “Before You Start” page for more on tool information, tips & tricks. Always stay safe and wear all safety protection. It is always best to make your cuts as you go and as they say, measure twice and cut once.

If you have any questions just ask away!

Shopping List

3 - 5/8" x 15 3/4" x 96" White Shelves

5 - 1" x 2" x 8'

Cut List

My closet is 47" Wiide by 25" deep. There is already one existing shelf in, and I want to add 6 more. 

6 - 5/8" x 15 3/4" @ 46 3/4" 

6 - 1" x 2" @ 46 7/8"

12 - 1" x 2" @ 17"

Tools Needed


Mitre Saw / Circular Saw


Measuring Tape








Brad Nailer


Safety Glasses


Ear Protection


Fist all you need to remove the current closet rod and then measure and mark off the locations on where the shelves are going to be.  

Note: Keep in mind that the heights of where you are off are for the support locations. The thickness of the shelves will be above that. 

Identify where any studs are. Usually you can tell from the existing shelf in your closet. The support that is there for it will have either nails or screws in place. 

Install all of the 1" x 2"  supports.  I used a brad nailer, and added more nails in the locations of the studs. Where there were no studs, I put the nails in on an Upward & Downward angle

 Starting from the top, place the shelves in. There you have it, Quick Closet Shelves! 




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