Rustic Chunky Leg Coffee Table

Chunky Leg Coffee Table

Hey Guys, for all of you who have loved the look of the Rustic X Coffee table, but did not have the room for the length of it, here is a great alternative, the Rustic Chunky Leg Coffee Table. I have taken the table and turned it a 3 Foot square table. Now, with it being square, the 2” x 4” legs would not look right. Instead, 4” x 4” boards were used as the legs to keep the table looking balanced.


Make sure you read through the instructions and look over the plans fully before you start your project. Check out the “Before You Start” page for more on tool information, tips & tricks. Always stay safe and wear all safety protection. It is always best to make your cuts as you go and as they say, measure twice and cut once.

If you have any questions just ask away!


Shopping List

4 – 2” x 4” x 8’
2 – 2” x 2” x 8’
1 – 1” x 10” x 8’
3 – 2” x 8” x 8’

L Brackets


2 ½” pocket Screws

1 ¼” Pocket Screws

2 “ Wood Screws




Stainable Wood Filler

Cut List

8- 2” x 4” @ 27 ¾” - SUPPORTS
4 - 4” x 4” @ 16 ½” - LEGS
5 – 2” x 8” @ 36 ¼” - TOP
3 – 1 “ x 10”  @ 27 ¾” SHELF
2 – 2” x 2” @ 26 11/16" From LONG END to SHORT END - 65 Degree cuts are Parallel **SEE TIP to Cut**
4 – 2” x 2” @ 11 3/8" From SHORT END of 65 Degree angle to Long End of 40 Degree Angle **SEE TIP to cut**

Tools Needed

Mitre Saw


Kreg Jig










Tape Measure


Wood Glue


Shop Towels


Paint Brush


Ear Protection


Safety Glasses


Dust Mask

The Step-by-Step

The Base

First, pocket holes are needed on both ends of each 2 “ x 4” @ 27 ¾” Support Board

Use 2 ½” Pocket Screws & Wood Glue to attach these boards to the Legs. The top supports will be flush with the top of the Legs, the bottom support will be 2 ¼” from the bottom of the leg.


Next, we need to assemble the bottom shelf.

Drill ¾” Pocket holes on all sides of the boards. These will be used to attach the shelf together as well as to attach the shelf to the supports.

Use 1 ¼” Pocket screws & Wood Glue to assemble the boards together & attach to the supports.


Now its time to attach the X’s. Use 2 “ Wood screws and wood Glue to attach through the supports and use 2 ½” Pocket screws to attach the smaller pieces to the long Piece. Start with the Long piece, and then add the 2 smaller pieces.

TIP: To Cut these pieces, its best to first lay out the Full piece and mark off your lines. Cut & Install that piece first. For the smaller pieces, do the same thing. Mark and cut one full piece then place in behind the other and mark off the other cuts your are going to need. These will be around 40 Degrees


The Top

 Drill 1 ½” pocket holes in the 5 boards for the top, then use 2 ½” Pocket screws & Wood Glue to attach the boards together.

Assemble & Finish

Spray paint the 4 corner brackets and the co-ordinating Screws

While the brackets are drying, it’s time to finish the table. Use the stainable wood filler to fill in any pocket holes, the gaps in the top and any other imperfections.

 Once the wood filler has dried, give everything a good sand.

 Next, paint, stain and polyurethane depending on how you decided the table will look.

Note: remember if you will be painting the base of the table, do not forget to prime first.


Use 2 “ Wood Screws through the top support to attach the top.

 Finally attach the 4 corner brackets to the table top edge with the screws you also painted.



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