About Me

Hey All,  

I'm Michelle! Here's a little background to show you what lead me to start this whole process. I'm a coffee-holic, working mom to 1 sweet little girl (Plus 2 big babies of dogs) & am married to my best friend Daryl. 

Since I was younger, I have always had a love for design & Décor and as I got older it became a love for building things as well. Plus we can't forget growing and upgrading my Power Tool collection. All of this lead to me going to school for Building Renovation & Interior Decorating. Even though I don’t use all of my schooling in my working life, I did it for the knowledge to be able to do all these fun things myself.   

Now to the present, we bought our house a few years ago, and I have been slowing working to make it a home that we love that suites us, from Renovating it to creating the furniture to go in it. Now, this isn't our forever home, as that, I am still in the process of designing to build myself, but this home has been a great learning experience, even for me. I love being able to turn an idea into a reality for turn something old into something new and refreshing.  

Along the way, I decided that I'd love to be able to share these projects & teach others how to create them as well. 

So Welcome to This DIY Home - turning a house into a home one DIY at a time.