About Me

Hey Guys! I'm Michelle. Here's a little bit of background about me to get you to see what lead me to starting this blog. I'm a coffee-holic, full-time working mom to 1 & am married to my best friend Daryl. I have always had a love for change in decor and working with tools, which lead me to going to school for Building Renovation & Interior Decorating. Even though I don't use my schooling in my working life, I did it for something that I could alway use for myself.

My love for Decor and Renovations started when I was younger. My mom & I moved around quite a lot, and each time there was a whole new batch of houses to take a look at. Through all the viewings, I remember always thinking of the things I would change within it and how I would decorate to each one. Then when we did have our house, I was constantly changing around my room, the one place I actually had a say in.

Now to the present... We bought our house 2 years ago. I've been slowing working to make it more of a home that suits us & getting all of the home improvements done. Of course this is still an ongoing project that I work on in my free time, but I now finally see more of us in it. I love being able to turn an idea into reality or turn something old into something new and refreshing.

Along the way I decided i'd love to be able to share these projects that I have been doing, as well as teach and give advice to others who want to try them too!

-Michelle, This DIY Home

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