Wallmount Bottle Opener for under $20

Hey All, With Father’s Day this past weekend, it was a pretty last minute gift idea that we decided on. We only had a week to have it completed (which we successfully did, longest was waiting for delivery of the bottle opener), we made two things. The first being in this post, the other, a custom end table/magazine rack will be posted later. This project a Wallmount Bottle Opener, is super quick and easy to build and can be done with scrap that you have lying around. If you do not have any scrap, with buying the bottle openers, materials are under $15. I haven’t done any sayings on it yet, as I’m letting my husband choose which one he wants. When that gets completed, I will put an updated photo up of it.

Make sure you read through the instructions and look over the plans fully before you start your project. Check out the “Before You Start” page for more on tool information, tips & tricks. Always stay safe and wear all safety protection. It is always best to make your cuts as you go and as they say, measure twice and cut once.
If you have any questions just ask away!

Shopping List

1 – 1” x 8” x 4’

1 – 1” x 4” x 4’

Metal Wall Mount Bottle Opener – Amazon

1 ¼” wood Screws


Wood Glue

Stainable Wood Filler

Cut List

1 – 1” x 8” @ 17” – Back

1 – 1” x 8” @ 4 ¼” – Bottom

2 – 1” x 4” @ 4 ¼” – Sides

1 – 1” x 4” @ 8 ½” – Front

Tools Needed


Circular Saw






Measuring Tape







Shop Towels


Ear Protection


Safety Glasses

The Step-by-Step

Use 1 ¼” Wood Screws & Glue to attach the bottom to the back piece. (recess the screws slightly to allow space for wood filler)

Using the 1 ¼” Wood Screws & Glue to Attach the sides to the Back/Bottom

Again, use the 1 ¼” Wood Screws and Glue to attach the front piece.

Wood fill and allow it to dry before giving a good sand. Then apply your stain.

Once the stain has dried, attach the Bottle Opener!



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Rustic Mason Jar Hanging Candle Holder

Hey All,
I hope you all had a good May 2-4 weekend, sadly the weather here wasn’t too great. However, it did give me a chance to work on this next project. Here is another fun little how to for a decoration that I have used in my home, a rustic mason jar hanging candle holder. This project is similar to the Rustic Wall Hung Milk Bottle Flower Vase that I did a while back. The longest amount of time it takes for this project is truly just the drying time, which has several stages. So this can even be a project that you do in between working on other projects

Make sure you read through the instructions and look over the plans fully before you start your project. Check out the “Before You Start” page for more on tool information, tips & tricks. Always stay safe and wear all safety protection. It is always best to make your cuts as you go and as they say, measure twice and cut once.

If you have any questions just ask away!

Shopping List

Piece of Scrap wood, aprox 12” wide x 24” High

Mason Jar


Mason Jar Hanger

Picture Hanger Bracket

Dark Stain (Dark Walnut or Ebony)


Spray Paint – Black


Tools Needed

Circular Saw




Rubber Gloves


Dust Mask




Paint Brush


Shop Towels

The Step By Step

Cut the board down to the size that you want

Stain the entire board and let It dry. While you are waiting, use the spray paint to paint the hook & the Mason Jar Hanger.

Once Dry, paint the entire board and let it dry.

Lightly give the board a sand to bring through the stain colour. Concentrate on the edges and certain spots to give it a rustic look.

Attach the picture hanger to the back of the board.

Layout where you want the hook to be and screw it in by hand.

Screw the Mason Jar Lid Hanger onto the mason jar. Place Candle inside and hang.

Tip: To keep the candle in place, use a lighter to melt a bit of the bottom of the candle. Place it in the jar and hold it in place for a minute.

Rustic Wallhung Milk Bottle Flower Vase

 Rustic Wallhung Milk Bottle Flower Vase

Materials Needed:

  • A Piece of scrap wood. I used an extra piece of a pine board from another project that I had done. If you don’t have any scrap wood at home, there are two things you can do:  If you feel up to it, go out for a drive to a larger store or factory (i.e. Walmart, a Bathroom Supply Store) and grab a skid. You will want to look for one where the slates are larger in width, at least 5 to 6 inches wide. You will just have to take the skid apart at home. A hammer is usually enough to do it. If you think this is too much for now, I would then suggest buying a piece of pine from the project wood section of your local hardware store.  1×5 or 1×6 should work in this case, and just buy the length according to how many you want to make.
  • Dark Stain
  • Spray Paint – You need to decide on the colour you want to do. In this case I used the Rustoleum Painter’s Touch Satin Heirloom Whitw
  • Sandpaper, I suggest using 100 grit
  •  Milk bottle – can purchase decorative ones at Craft Stores or do some searching online to find the great deals
  •  Adjustable Metal Hose Clamp –
  • Copper tube strap & Small screws
  • Picture hanger

Tools Needed:

54925d4f86df17dc1e4b17e6777bc986Saw to cut the boards to length

00001938Sponge Paint Brush
imgresScrew Driver –  Depending on what screw head it is for the copper tube strapping
imgres-1Hammer – A regular hammer will be fine, however I work enough with small nails that I purchased a Tack hammer. It is easier to control with small finishing nails.


imgres-1Safety Glasses

images-2Tape Measure

imgresRubber gloves or work gloves  – so you don’t stain or paint your hands



1. First cut the boards to the size that you want them to be. I preferred to make the boards just long enough that there is board showing below and to the sides of the Milk Jug and that the flowers reach the top of the board. For me that was 5″ wide by 12″ long.

2. Now you need to stain the front and the edges of the board, then let it dry.

3. Once the stain has dried, you are going to use the spray paint to cover over the stain. Give this some time to dry.

4. Taking the sandpaper, start removing the paint in areas to make it look distressed. I focus mainly on the edges and a few spots through the rest of the board making the stain show through. You will want some areas to have more stain visible than others

5. Time to layout the placement of the bottle. Place the clamp over the neck of the bottle, do not fully tighten. When you have determined where you think will be a good placement place the strap there and mark it off.

6. Attach the picture hanger to the back of the board using the hammer to lightly tap the finish nails in place. (WARNING: Be careful, these nails tend to bend very easy, which is where the tack hammer if you have one comes in handy)

7. Now its time to use the strap to hold the clamp to the board. Line it up with here you earlier marked off and screw it to the board.

8. Put the strap around the bottle neck again, but this time tighten it.

All done! What’s nice about this project is that you can constantly change the flowers based upon what time of year.

Tip: These are a great gift idea also!

Fall Decoration Version


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– Michelle