Wine Cork Pumpkins DIY

Wine Cork Pumpkins

Completion Time: 1-2 Hours depending on drying times

Materials Needed:

  • Wine Corks of the same size – depending on the size of the pumpkins you are doing, it will determine how many corks in total are needed. For my pumpkins, one of the pumpkins needed 25 corks and the other needed 38 for a grand total of 63 wine corks.
  • Green Felt – My local craft store sells it in sheets that are 2’x2′. I was able to use just one sheet for doing 2 pumpkins.
  • Orange Paint – for this project I bought “Pumpkin Orange”, which  was definitely an easy find this time of the year
  • Twine – you don’t need much, just a small piece

Tools Needed

imgresHot Glue Gun
imagesPaint brush

How To:

1. The first thing you do is determine the layout for the corks based on the size you are going to want them to be.
For my larger pumpkin I did the rows in the following order:

  1. 4 Corks
  2. 5 Corks
  3. 6 Corks
  4. 7 Corks
  5. 6 Corks
  6. 5 Corks
  7. 4 Corks

For the smaller pumpkin, I did the same order however only going to maximum 6 corks. The rows were in this order:

  1. 4 Corks
  2. 5 Corks
  3. 6 Corks
  4. 5 Corks
  5. 4 Corks

2. Now that you have determined your layout you are going to start building your first pumpkin. Hot glue gun the corks together row by row. 

3. When you have finished glueing the rows, you will use the last cork to make the stem on the top.

3. Once the glue has dried, paint the front of the corks orange.

4. While the paint is drying, you are going to make the leaves. First draw the leaf on the felt, and use it as the template for cutting. When you have all your leaves cut, and the paint has dried you are going to hot glue the leaves to the pumpkin near the stem.

5. Last step is to take the twine and hot glue it to make them look like vines over the leaves.

You are now done this fun fall DIY craft!


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– Michelle



Decorative 2×4 Wood Block Pumpkins

Decorative 2×4 Wood Block Pumpkins
Project Time: 1 to 2 hours, depending on drying time.

Materials Needed:

  • 2″x4″ board- If you have any scrap pieces left over just use those, otherwise all you will need is 1 – 2″x4″x8′ board, and you will have plenty left over for other projects
  • Twine
  • Decorative Fall leaves – Can be purchased at Dollar Stores
  • A Decent Size Stick for the Stems
  • Metal Wire (Galvanized steel wire from local hardware store)
  • A thin piece of wood for the sign (I used a wood shim and cut it to size)
  • Orange Paint
  • Brown Paint
  • White Paint

Tools Needed:

54925d4f86df17dc1e4b17e6777bc986Circular Saw
imgresHot Glue Gun
imagesPaint Brushes
imgres-1Safety Glasses
images-2Measuring Tape
images-3Spade Bit (size determined by the diameter of the stick for the stems)

How to:

1. The first thing you want to do is determine the sizes you want the Pumpkins to be. I recommend if they are going to be going on a table or mantle to do them at 8inches, 10inches and 12inches. This gives you the nice tiered look for arranging them and keeps them where they won’t be at an awkward height.

2. Measure and mark the 2x4s then using the circular saw cut the 2x4s to the desired size.

3. Drill a hole slightly larger then the stick in the top of each of the 2x4s about 1″ Deep using the spade bit

4. Paint all of the 2x4s orange and let them dry.

5. Once the orange paint has dried, add some water to a small bit of brown paint. You are going to use this to add depth to the pumpkins and give them a more rustic look. However, you don’t want to cover the whole thing in the watered down brown paint. Concentrate mainly on the edges of the 2x4s and then do a light coating in areas in the middle. All this essentially does is darken the orange in a more rustic manor. Let this dry. Repeat this step if you feel it needs more.

6. Once the 2x4s are dry, heat up your hot glue gun. You’re now going to glue the stems in. Add some glue into the predrilled hole and insert the stick. Let it dry.

7. It’s now time to decorate! Hot glue on some of the leaves and curl the wire to account for the vines.

8. Final Touches. Cut your wood piece down to size. I made my piece the size of a credit card.   Write  “Pumpkin Patch” with the white paint and then hot glue the twine to the top two corners. This sign will just hang over one of the stems on the pumpkin or hot glue it to the edge . I glued it on the smallest which is at the front of my tier.

Guess what, You’re all done! Time to set them up and admire what you just did.

**This project can also be done using 2″ x 8″ boards if you want to have them sitting on the floor. In this case just determine the height you want them to be. These are great for adding a nice touch to your porch or a corner of your front entrance.

Most of all I hope you enjoyed making these, check back for more fun DIY projects!

– Michelle

The First Day of Fall, Time to Decorate

Hey Everyone! Its the First Day of Fall, Time to Decorate!

Happy 1st day of fall for 2016.

I absolutely love this time of year! The nights cool down, the leaves on the trees turn creating beautiful colours, and the pumpkin patches are a great way to spend time with my family.

Here is the start to my fall decorating, Keep posted, especially on Pinterest to see more on how I’m going to decorate this year. I’ll also be posting some how-to’s on some of the more interesting pieces later on as well.


20160921_213231 20160921_214947  


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– Michelle