DIY Rustic Dog Dish Stand

My one guy is pretty picky when it comes to certain things. The one thing is due to the height that his water dish is at if you can believe it. Ranger is a fairly big guy due to being an American Bulldog/Boxer Mix. He of course loves drinking out of the toilet, which we realized was due to the height of it. If we have his water dish right on the floor he will almost always ignore it and go to alternative methods to get a drink of water. However, his food dish is a different story, it can be anywhere and he is happy.

For the longest time we have been using our daughter’s princess stool to have his water dish raised to a level that he was happy with. However, this is not “manly” enough of course as my husband says, nor is it very appealing to look at. As a result of finally having enough, it brought on the idea of building him a fully raised dog dish stand that suits him. We went with a military theme, actually to match my husbands storage chest that we just built.

The funny thing is that just days after we built his dog dish, which he absolutely loves, we brought home another puppy. It looks like we will be building another one pretty soon since he will be a big dog as well. We are going to go with the same theme for Tank and make a matching one.

Tools Needed:



Circular Saw or Mitre Saw






Finish Nail gun






Paint Brush



Measuring Tape






Wood Glue



Shop Towels



Safety Glasses





Materials needed:

Wood – We had used a few pieces from a pallet to give it more of the rustic look

Paint – A small sample size of BEHR Marquee will give you way more paint then is needed.



The How-To:

1. First of all, you need to gather up your wood that you are using and determine the size needed for the raised dog dish. The best way is to take your dog’s dishes and lay them out to see how much you need in width and length to fit both while still having some space available. I made it so that there would be 3 inches in front and behind my guys dishes as well as 5 inches in between and on the ends.


2. Cut all the pieces down to size for the top as well as the sides.


3. Glue all of the pieces for the top and then clamp them together. Repeat this step for the side panels

img_0092 img_0094

4. Now you are going to stain your top & paint the sides the colour you chose. An alternative method is to stain the whole box.

5. Once the stain has dried for the top, mark out where the dog dishes are going to go. Inset that in 1/4″ to allow the dished to sit in the unit but still have enough catch on the rim. Use the Jigsaw to cut out the holes.


6. Next you are going to clamp the sides together, but don’t forget the wood glue!


7. Use the finish nail gun to nail the box together.


8. Lastly, align the top on the box and use the finish nail gun again to attach it. Place your dog’s dishes in and your dog now has it’s new eating place.

This is such a simple and inexpensive but fantastic way to give your dog’s a nice set up to eat. This can be painted or stained any which way to suit your dog or to match the furniture or cabinets that it is near.

– Michelle

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