Who doesn’t love decorating for the different seasons and for holidays? I know I definitely do; Fall & Christmas are my two all-time favorite times to decorate for . However, there was one major thing that I noticed, that you probably have as well. Unless I am willing to dish out a lot of money, the decorations are typically cheap or unattractive or both. I found that by making my own decorations I was able to save so much money and manage to get the look and the quality I wanted.

In this section I will show you some great but simple DIY projects that will not only have your own place looking great, but they will be projects that you will enjoy as well. Each post will tell you what you need and how to do the project, as well as give you tips for making it even easier. For example, for my Fall decor I use a lot of decorative leaves. I tend to find some great packs of the leaves at the Dollar Tree. This is great because it saves money over having to go to my local craft store.

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